Birthday Wishes

I am so incredibly blessed to be able to celebrate another year. I’m not one that typically makes a big deal about my birthday, but I do believe in appreciating them rather than cringing about adding another year to my age. I’m happy to be getting older.


As I move into this next year, I really could not ask for more than I have. If I had to have birthday wishes, they would probably just be:

  • to continually find contentment and joy in each and every day
  • to be able to enjoy as much time as possible with friends and family
  • to continue growing – in my faith, in my business, in my own self


Thank you to those of you who continue to make each year better than the last. I am so so so blessed to have the most amazing family and friends! So here’s to another year, to cake & ice cream, and to making each day better than the last!

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