Workout Challenge Update

Y’all… I’ve made it through 23 days of the challenge! No skips. I did have one rearrange… but I think choosing to move the 75 burpees and multiple planks to a non-orientation day was totally acceptable. I’m pretty sure I’ve earned that.

This last week looks like it’s going to be a rough one. But even though I’ve got another orientation to get through with this challenge, I think I’ve got it. Max has been sweet and although he’s been focusing on his own workout, he did offer to jump in and do the burpees and planks with me. We may have different ideas of the best order in which to do things (I wanted to just get the planks out of the way so that when I finished the burpees I would be totally done) but it was really nice of him to jump in there to help me out.

I hope those of you who jumped in to do the challenge are hanging in there too!

And for those who might need a little extra push to get out there today… just imagine you’re getting to work out here:


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