Are You Ready for Some Football?

This was another great weekend… relaxing, attending a birthday party for one of Peanut’s friends, church, and LOTS of good food made by the hubby. We fit in some DVR’ed shows… including some of the three part series of The World Wars (really good, by the way).

We spent yesterday evening with dinner and the US vs. Portugal World Cup game. We (like many people I’m sure) yelled in celebration as the US scored to take the lead.. so fun watching Nacogdoches native Clint Dempsey play! Aaaaaand then we yelled in frustration as Portugal scored a last minute goal. Throughout the game, you’d swear Max and I are soccer masterminds the way we talk about the game, but really… I’ve got nothin’. A little bit of playing when I was little, and that’s been about it since then. The World Cup is during orientation season, so I don’t normally even get into it at all.


As we watched the game, I was thinking about how much I miss football. I’m ready for it, y’all. Football season is my favorite season of the year, and I can’t wait for that first kickoff to arrive.

I’m ready to snuggle into bed propped up with pillows, or sink into the couch with my hot coffee to watch College Gameday. I’m ready for games on tv all day… perfect weekend background noise. I’m ready to take Peanut to games with me. She’s already got the appropriate reaction ready for when we yell  “Touchdown!!!!”


So in answer to the classic question… Yes. Yes, I am ready for some football. Who’s with me?


And in honor of the good ol’ days and college football, here’s a shot from the Texas Tech game I spent on the sidelines taking photos… I was a very happy photographer/college football fan that day!


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