The Most Perfect Souvenir Gift EVER

I’m going to warn you up front… this post is LOADED with photos of my little Peanut. If you think this many photos of her is doing too much, then by all means go ahead and click to another little corner of the web and leave me to look at my precious girl! haha.

This little mini photoshoot was sparked by what I would say is the best souvenir gift ever. In the history of my life. My brother and sister-in-law went on an AMAZING trip to Greece (I can’t even start on how jealous I am… but I am so so so happy they got to take the trip of Emily’s dreams), and they brought bag a goody bag of things for the three of us!! I loved all of the gifts they gave us, but I have to admit, this little dress stole the show. Such a sweet light white fabric, and the gold Greek key pattern at the top is beautiful.


Clearly Peanut was loving the fabric of the dress too!





Ooooooh that wild hair….

This next one is just too cute… too bad that poor flower only lasted a few seconds before being torn apart.






There’s just something about a baby in a basket… Can’t help myself! (Plus it makes it easier to get about 30 seconds of photos in before she grabs grass and puts it in her mouth!)






Thank you CJ & Emily for the wonderful gifts. We are so blessed to have you as family, and Peanut’s lucky to have such stylish wardrobe pieces thanks to her Aunt & Uncle! 2014-05-29_0016

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