30 Day Beach Body Challenge

I have been TERRIBLE lately about working out. I had been doing pretty good when we were training for our 5k, and then I kept it up for oh… I dunno, about a week and a half afterwards. Since then it’s been pretty much nothing.

I think I’m feeling it too.. On top of lack of sleep, I think I’m just feeling a little slow from not exercising. Sooooo I’m doing something about it! And that something is this 30 Day Beach Body Challenge. I’m most definitely not expecting to actually get a beach body in 30 days, but I’m hoping this challenge is a great big step in that direction!


The last 30 day challenge I started didn’t pan out so well.. I did really good for a week and that was about it, so this time I’m enlisting help. Max is doing the challenge with me so that it’s harder to just skip a day. I think the accountability of working out with someone else really helps – maybe that’s from all my years of playing team sports? Anyway… Yesterday was Day 1, and we survived!! I’m two workouts in at this point, so I’ll call that a win.


Anyone up for joining in?? Let’s help keep each other going!! Ready….. GO!!!!!

3 thoughts on “30 Day Beach Body Challenge

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