According to His purpose


When there is the struggle of trying to find your purpose in life, or trying to make sure the decisions you are making are truly those that He intends, it helps to remember that while it may seem you are making the decision on your own (or as a family) that He has already created a plan for you. That as you choose the direction you will take, as long as you head out on that road with your heart aimed toward Him and His purpose, you will be just fine.

You will learn from the hard times, and grow through them. You will celebrate the good times, and grow through them.

My grandfather’s favorite verse, the one I fought through tears to read at his funeral, points at this thought. Continue to strive toward His purpose, and you will be just fine. He will be filling your life with the good He intends for you – whether good lessons or good moments.


I hope we can all help to encourage one another to continue to be called according to His purpose! 


3 thoughts on “According to His purpose

  1. This is a great reminder. I have struggled with this as Jared and I make decisions for our family’s future, but so far, everything has worked out perfectly. I think that shows you we are on the right path.


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