Love in the little things

This weekend wasn’t anything extraordinary. It wasn’t full of major memory-making moments. It wasn’t spent traveling, vacationing, or relaxing. No major events.


But it was a wonderful weekend.


It was beautiful weather.

It was family breakfast.

It was errands done.

It was a clean house.

It was fresh cut flowers from the yard.

It was the sound of Peanut’s laughter.


And most of all, it was teamwork. Sharing the tasks and sharing the enjoyment of a weekend spent with family. After a very productive day of errands, it hit me once again how fortunate I am to have married a man who works so hard for our family. A man who is willing to share in the day-to-day business with me. Someone to split the grocery list to speed up the shopping process. A hand to hold through it all.

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