Appreciating Mothers (a little early) and a photoshoot giveaway!

I know this is a little bit early, and I’m sure I’ll post about this lady again on Mother’s Day, but I just want to take a minute to talk about how much I appreciate this lady and all she has done for me. As a new mother, I have developed an even deeper awareness and appreciation for the mother she has been for me – tough when I need it, always caring, quick to laugh and able to teach me the lessons I need.

I can only hope that I’m able to be half the mother she is. I am so proud to be her daughter, and so so thankful that Peanut gets to have her as a grandmother. She’s already knocking that role right out of the park!



In the spirit of honoring mothers everywhere – the mothers who give of their time, who give of their sleep, who give of their hearts – I want to give away a photoshoot for a lucky mother and her child(ren)! ย Enter below, and let me know in the comments your favorite thing about your mom!ย 


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15 thoughts on “Appreciating Mothers (a little early) and a photoshoot giveaway!

  1. Not going to lie, I liked the post today!! I am so blessed to have such wonderful children and in-laws and to now have a new generation (Olivia) to love is just beyond words!!! But if I had to pick only one word it would be GRATEFUL!!!!


  2. It is hard to pick just one thing about my mom… I would have to say, at this moment, my favorite thing about my mom is seeing the love she has for her grand boys- it sparkles in her eyes. She is one in love GiGi. ๐Ÿ˜„


  3. There are so many things that I love about my mom that it’s hard to choose one to share… But if I have to pick, it’s how incredibly selfless she is. She’s always put us first and still does even though both my brother and I have been out of the house for many years. What big shoes I have to fill!

    Also, I love your mom too. ๐Ÿ™‚ just thougjt I would throw that in there!

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    • Jess, I am totally with you on feeling the pressure of filling some big shoes! I know you’re already that kind of mom ๐Ÿ™‚

      And thanks for sharing the love for my mom too! Jan’s a keeper!!! haha


  4. You are blessed to have a Mom/Grandma like you do. The look on her face when she’s with her kids and Peanut says it all. I’m blessed to have her as a friend.


  5. Very nice post, it was very sweet….and I can see why your mom liked the post! It means a lot when your own children realize what being a Mom means.


  6. Where do I start?! Give the trials and heartbreak my mother has had over the last year and a half has been tough to watch her go through it. She is…
    SELFLESS, she put those things behind her when Sofia graced us.
    BRAVE, she has moved on with her life ended one chapter and started a new book in a different city at that!
    LUMINOUS, LOVING, CARING AND A beautiful woman who has taught her daughters how to be a great mother!

    We both know that our lists can go on and on about our mothers and one day our daughters will have the same list and more!


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