Senior Portraits – Jessi

Jessi was one of my Orientation Leaders, and I am so glad I was able to take her senior portraits. I had way too much fun with her.. this girl cracks me up! I was tempted to include the “outtakes” in this post – the wind was a bit of a challenge, but I decided to let Jessi decide if those go out to the world or not!  I joke about outtakes, but seriously… Jessi is beautiful! And not only is she beautiful, she’s smart too!



I had been driving by the most gorgeously full azaleas on my way home from work everyday, and I was just dying to get some portraits with them as a backdrop. Timing was just perfect because Jessi was hoping to get some flower photos! Love when that happens 🙂


Jessi, congrats on the new position at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital! Those kiddos in the ICU and Special Care Unit (and their families) will be so blessed to have you there with them! I know you are going to continue making such a positive impact in the lives of so many.




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