Dear Peanut – 8 months

Sweet girl,

You are officially on the move!! You have started crawling and you’re definitely keeping your daddy and I on our toes! It was so exciting seeing you make those first few moves forward. I was totally that parent who was sending videos to everyone to show you off! On the flip side of all the excitement is a lot of bruises though (see the photo below for proof). Your poor little forehead takes some bumps, but you’re a champ, little one. And seeing your little face peek out from around the couch and break into a grin as you see me? Melts my heart every time.


You are a challenge to keep still (and safe) while we change you. Sometimes I feel like our bathroom is our own little version of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo… and it just cracks you up to squirm and roll around. For some reason though you stay still when you get to play with a little travel case of Q-tips. Guess what they say is true… you can buy all the toys in the world and they’ll just play with the packaging.


This month you’ve unfortunately had some rough spots mixed in with all the excitement. Teething is no joke and it was tough on your mama and daddy too. We can only do so much to help you through the pain and discomfort, which is soo soo hard! Being your mama has changed me for the better though. In the past, I never would have been able to deal with being covered in throw up, but now I am only focused on taking care of you. Definitely not my favorite moments by any means, but I have a purpose so much bigger than my discomfort. You are that purpose, Peanut. And I made the most of those rough days and soaked up all the sick baby snuggles I could get.

Olivia8mo11_WEB The drive to your sitter’s house takes a little while – not a bad amount of time for the average person, but it’s a bit of a trip considering we live in a pretty small town. I try my best to make the most of it and I enjoy listening to music, especially The Message on SiriusXM. It’s a great part of the day that I can start sharing my faith with you and building the foundation for a faith of your own. That being said, few times recently I have found myself turning down the radio for a while during the drive to or from the sitter’s house. I hear your sweet little voice babbling in the backseat, and I would rather listen to you and the sound of your little kicking feet than any song that could ever play on the radio. Your voice is my favorite song these days.


So keep up those silly noises and those little stories of yours, Peanut. Your mama’s all ears.

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