Senior Portraits – Cameron

Cameron is another student of mine who has worked for me for years with the Orientation program. In his time with the program, Cameron has grown so much and has really shown his unmatched dedication to what we do. He has such a business-like mentality, but he tempers that with such caring for our student leaders and the incoming students. He also has an uncanny ability to make us all laugh with a well-timed one-liner or tv/movie quote.



Cameron decided to get his aunt’s name embroidered on the back of his stole, and I think it turned out great! Such a sweet way to honor a woman who made a really big impact on Cameron’s life.



Cameron, you have inspired me throughout the past year, and I really couldn’t be prouder of where you are. Even more than that, I am so proud of the way you carry yourself. You are such a strong person with a killer work ethic, and I know that will carry you so far in life.




So congrats in advance, Cam, and here’s to a great final summer with you! Thanks for allowing me to get photos to commemorate this important time in your life!!

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