My First Real Interview

This week I have been in lots and lots of interviews with students who are hoping to become Orientation Leaders. I can’t help but think back to years ago when I was that student nervously waiting to go into an interview to make my case and earn my spot on the orientation staff.

I sat in the lone chair in the tiny hallway outside of the interview room trying my best to not look (or feel) nervous. Apparently I wasn’t doing a very good job because one of the student workers (who was on the staff when I came through orientation) walked by and paused for a second before asking me if I was waiting for an interview. When I said yes, he asked if I was nervous. I decided to go with honesty and said “A little.” His response: “Yea. You should be.” Then he walked away.

Not the best conversation to have right before going into an interview. But apparently it didn’t throw me too much, because I got the job.


And it changed my life.


I was so excited when I opened that letter that said I had been selected to be a Double T Crew member. I knew it was a job that would be more fun than work, but I had no idea what that summer would mean to me. If I hadn’t pushed myself to try for that job, even though I was only a freshman, I would never be where I am today. I probably wouldn’t have ever gotten my master’s degree. Or met some of the people who are my dearest friends and stood by my side on my wedding day.


As I sit in on interviews now, I can’t help but wonder what this job could potentially mean for the students we choose. Yes, it will be a major part of their summer, but I know all too well that it can turn into a major part of their life. And as I think about that, I smile… not only for them, but for that girl in the tiny hallway years ago who had no idea what that interview would mean.

7 thoughts on “My First Real Interview

  1. Brooke, I loved reading this, especially because it reminds me of my interview. I remember I missed the group interview (the first one) because I had bronchitis. When I went in for the interview with Jon Mark, you, and Meghan, I was wildly nervous and my voice was still hoarse. I still don’t know what got me in but I remember being so excited. Double T Crew was an amazing experience. I certainly didn’t make best friends but I did meet people that I continue to look up to. I really admire you, Adrian, and Meghan. I talk to Karen all the time too. That will forever be the most fun job I ever had. ❤


    • Jenny! You were so great for DTC! I am the same way about not knowing what it was that I said or did that got me selected, but I am just so very thankful. We are both so fortunate to have had that experience.

      I hope you are well!!!


  2. Being an orientation leader is why I ultimately become an advisor! I remember my second interview. I was sick, but I was too excited to miss the interview. So when I came in the door, I told everyone I was recovering from an illness, so I didn’t want to shake their hands. I wasn’t sure if I made a good first impression, but I guess I did, because I got the job!

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