Web Gems – Round 2

Web Gems


Ok people, it’s time for round two! Here’s some of the goodness the internet has had in store lately…

  • Some inspiration for keeping your workspace neat and tidy. I am determined that my home office will look like that one day. Plus I love that they have a “happy accessories” category!




  • This post about what little girls wish their daddies knew… seriously. Love this – so true! And it just makes me think of how blessed Peanut and I are to have such a wonderful example for her of what a man should be, and how she deserves to be cherished.


  • An adorable 4 year old + Project Runway + photography + award show dresses = Amazing paper dresses and the hope that I can cultivate Peanut’s dreams and aspirations the way this momma does for Mayhem!



  • This is always a classic. Working in student affairs is great and I really do enjoy it – but some of these hit the nail right on the head.


  • Never a bad thing to be able to save money… here’s 94 ways to do it!


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