Family Portraits

As a photographer, I really should be better about making sure I get photos of us as a family. I have plenty of photos of Peanut, but I hadn’t gotten any of the three of us. While I wish I had gotten some family portraits done sooner, I am happy to report that I did end up getting a shoot set up with a friend of mine from college. Lynsey of Lynsey Creative did a great job! I did learn a lesson though – next time, I won’t take my very inquisitive infant to a very busy park… it ends up with my very smiley little girl having a very serious face in pretty much every photo!











Thank you again, Lynsey!! I love these little serious eyebrow photos of Peanut – it’s a common face she makes, so even though we didn’t get many smiles, these photos are so her anyway!

Now to decide which one gets printed as a canvas for the house… hmmmmmm…

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