Happy Birthday, Pops!!

I want to take a minute to formally wish a very happy birthday to my first love, my dad.


Pops, I have learned so much from you. From how to take a charge in basketball, to how to laugh at myself, to how important it is to serve others and be there for your family. I’ve learned how to be sarcastic (I’m sure sometimes you wish you could take those particular lessons back!), how to work hard, and how to keep God at the forefront of my life.

I absolutely love getting to see you with Peanut, and although I give you a hard time about your shopping problem, I really do think it’s cute how you can’t resist little baby girl clothes.

Thank you for embracing Max into our family and for being there for both of us in so many ways.


Pops, thank you so much for being you. Here’s to many more birthdays to celebrate the wonderful person you are! I love you!

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