Valentines Mini Sessions – Part 2

Here’s a few more images from the Valentines Mini sessions!

I absolutely love these kids to death – and their parents too! They are such pros when it comes to photographs, which is great since I get to work with them every year! They just jumped right in and may or may not have ended up going home with some of the session decor… Perks of being a kid! haha.



Meet Miss Hadyn. She’s pretty much fabulous. And can rock a bow like nobody’s business!



I can just hear Cade’s adorable little laugh when I look at this one! Pretty sure this is when we were trying to convince him to make a kissy face 🙂



What kind of momma photographer would I be if I didn’t get some images of my own adorable child in the sweet mini session set up?!?! It was too fun photographing Peanut with the background up, and some of the images I got rank in my favorites of her so far. I know I’m biased… but seriously…. she’s freakin’ precious!

Olivia005logo         Olivia008logo Olivia013logo




Olivia035logo      Olivia036logo

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